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It is important to create a healthy and pleasant environment for your horses and other grazing livestock by maintaining the paddocks and keeping the fields clean from faeces and parasites – here are  a couple of the main reasons why…

 Because horses prefer to eat younger, immature grass plants they will do their best to avoid areas of the pasture where there are droppings. If the grazing areas are not cleared regularly, ‘toilet areas’ can develop where the pasture becomes ‘rough’ or ‘stale’ meaning the plants are left to mature and become less palatable and weed infestation can set in. With many horses in the UK having only limited access to grazing, making the most of these areas becomes even more important.

 Most equine parasites spend part of their life cycle outside their host on the pasture or paddock. With a temperate climate, infective larvae in the UK are able to survive for longer on the pasture and in the soil – sometimes years!  An adult horse with even a low worm count can continue to contaminate the pasture via droppings. With the rise in resistance to some worming products, the importance of good pasture management is widely accepted by vets and pharmaceutical companies alike as playing a key role as part of an effective worming regime. 

To help you achieve your pasture management goals, Fresh Group Products offer BOTH vacuum and sweeper paddock cleaners – depending on your set-up and needs either could be suitable! With years of experience, we are here to advise what is best for you – 0333 880 6654.

 Also, both machines can give you additional “side-line” benefits… for example….The paddock vacuum models will work in all weather conditions, short or long grass, and on wet and dry poo with 8 models available and can be used for cleaning out water troughs, vacuuming up leaves, acorns, and other tree debris. They can also be used in the stables and for many other useful vacuuming tasks!

 The paddock sweepers on the other hand are quicker and easier to use but are more dependent on certain conditions to work effectively BUT can also greatly enhance the look of your paddocks.


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