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Many horses take clipping in their stride, however for some horses and ponies it can be a stressful experience. Sedation is expensive and inconvenient, and when a horse is uptight and tense clipping is made far more traumatic and unpleasant for both equine and owner. Many people find that providing a reward such as Mini Horslyx is enough of a distraction when clipping, giving your equine something palatable to focus on, making the whole process much more enjoyable and stress free for both horse and owner.

 For horses that undertake regular exercise during the winter their coat can quickly become too thick, causing sweating, dirt build up and a greater risk of rubs, bacterial infection and discomfort. Sweat loss caused by a thick coat can cause your equine to lose valuable electrolytes which can result in loss of appetite, leading to lack of condition and an increased risk of catching a chill post exercise. For this reason clipping is a vital part of horse management during the winter months, not to mention it makes daily grooming and preparing for competitions a whole lot easier!

 Clipping your horse usually takes between 1-2 hours and the process is made a lot less stressful if your equine is happy to stand still and remain calm. Mini Horslyx will help keep your horse’s attention for long periods of time, making it the perfect tool to help ensure clipping goes without a hitch. The hand-held tub can be offered by a helper, or placed in a bucket, and will help keep your horse content for long periods of time.

 Mini Horslyx provides a healthy and nutritious way to distract your equine without having to provide concentrate feed, short-lived treats such as apples and carrots or a haynet. Every Mini Horslyx contains a 3 day supply of the vital vitamins, minerals, trace elements and natural anti-oxidants needed to support the immune system and encourage overall health, so you can be sure your equine friend is getting exactly what he needs whilst you “get the job done” with minimal protests!

 Mini Horslyx is available in Original, Mint, Respiratory or Garlic formulations and costs just £3.65 per 650g tub making it the perfect, cost effective clipping accessory! For more information visit or call (01697) 332 592.

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