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Mirrors for Training is delighted to announce its sponsorship of 2014 Badminton Horse Trials winner, Sam Griffiths.

 “We’re delighted to be working with Sam,” says Andrea Miles from Mirrors for Training. “We have a passion for eventing, so we’ve been aware of Sam, his great results and his horses for many years. When the opportunity arose for us to support him, we were pleased to be able to help. We can’t wait to see how Sam and his team perform throughout the rest of the season and hope that our mirrors will help Sam stay at the top of his game for many seasons to come.”

 Sam has had a number of Mirrors for Training’s non-warp arena mirrors installed horizontally in his outdoor arena. Made with Pilkington Opti-Mirror for exceptional clarity and mounted on galvanised steel frames to stop warping, the mirrors will provide Sam and his team with an exceptional training aid for many years.

 “Training without the benefit of mirrors can be an uphill struggle; it is my belief that since we have had our mirrors installed, all our team of horses, working pupils and even when lunging, we have been able to see massive improvements in the horses’ way of going and position of rider,” says Sam.

 To find out more about Mirrors for Training, see or call 01902 791207.

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