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Subscription boxes…..

You can sign up to receive just about anything in a box every month from Gin to Bird seed.  But we aren’t interested in that – well, maybe the Gin one…..

We are Horse People! We want a goody box full of fabulous products from the companies that bring us a huge range of lotions, potions, pretty and pretty useful items to use on or with our ponies!  So in response, My Horse Box appeared as if by magic on the doorstep and my day was made!

Initial thoughts – well that’s heavier than I expected!  Must have some decent kit  in there! And I was not disappointed.  On opening the box, its contents were beautifully wrapped in sparkly tissue paper secured with a branded sticker prolonging my anticipation! – nice touch.  Luckily I thought to take a photo of said beautiful presentation before ripping it open!

Inside the box,  I found  some really useful products but also a rider profile of Chloe Aston with a snap of her doing her thing in the International ring at the Liverpool International Horse Show.  A great addition to any young riders inspiration!

The products included were impressive in both their diversity but also they were full size items – no trial sizes!

The saddle soap smells amazing and I tested it out on my boots whilst sitting at my desk, and this coupled with the hand cream, our office fragrance has been transformed from essence of dog to mini day spa! – we like this!

Hi-vis hat band – a really clever design and absolutely essential kit particularly at this time of year.  The MD nicked this and has been trialling it around the lanes in Malvern.  I don’t think I am going to get a go with it……

Now the horse shampoo, that’s a different matter.  Whilst the boss is out hacking in her Hi-vis, muggins here will be given the task of buffing the ponies!  Love the smell of this shampoo and the resulting silky coats were worth the wet sleeves!  Dr D’s tasty treats also kept the shetland’s  teeth busy whilst I washed the hard to reach places.

So all in all a great little haul of goodies!  The Money off vouchers to purchase the products once you have used them are a bonus you can pop them in a box in the tack room for a later date! But they do expire so stock up quickly!

At a cost of £29.99 - £34.99 per month, My Horse Box makes an ideal gift for horse lovers as a one off or for a long term treat.

I look forward to seeing what pops up next time!

5 Stars!  

to sign up to My Horse Box, just visit their website at 

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