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Nettex have launched Tastylyx, a range of delicious, natural flavoured treats as part of their Supalyx range.

The new Tastylyx treats can be used to alleviate boredom during long periods of stabling reducing the onset of stable vices. They are also great for rewarding the horse after exercise, for good behaviour, after a farrier or vet visit or just because you love them! They remove easily from the packaging and can be used in the stable with most standard lick holders.

In three flavours, Apple, Mint and Carrot flavours Tastlyx are ideal for stimulating and engaging the horse’s mind and help increase activity in a stabled environment.

The pot is re-sealable and can be recycled to store plaiting kits, studs or treats in the tack room, show bag or lorry!

Directions for Use:

Remove lid, turn tub upside down and tap on a firm even surface so the lick slides out. Remove the central insert before hanging from a holder (Tastylyx will fit standard holders) Tastylyx are designed to be hung freely away from a solid surface to avoid over consumption. Recommended daily intake: up to 100g, depending on frequency, period of use and amount of hard feed, forage and grazing available

600g tub RRP: £2.95

 For stockist information, visit  or call 01634 257150.

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