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Keep your horse’s feet looking and feeling great this year with Nettex Traditional Hoof Oil. This non-spirit formula nourishes and protects the horse’s hooves, while allowing them to breathe and still function at their best.

If you’re heading for the show ring then Nettex Traditional Hoof Oil will provide an instant, long-lasting shine that will catch the judge’s eye. If you don’t compete, but still want to do the best by your horse’s feet, then this product’s added antibacterial agents can offer protection from foot-related conditions caused by bacteria, when applied to the underside of the foot.


Light in consistency and non-greasy, Nettex Traditional Hoof Oil won’t leave the feet dry or with any discolouration, and it comes with a built-in brush allowing horse owners to apply it without getting it all over their hands.

Nettex Traditional Hoof Oil is part of the Nettex Hoof Care range.

RRP: £7.47 for 400ml

For stockist information, visit or +44 (0)1283 524222

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