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Equimins’ Advance Concentrate Complete forage balancer has recently undergone a packaging makeover, to make the money back guarantee more prominent.

The concentrated balancer has been designed to complement a forage diet, to ensure that the horse is receiving all the vitamins, trace elements and bio available minerals he needs. In addition to the high specification ingredients above, Advance Concentrate Complete contains probiotics and Saccharomyces cerivisae yeast to help support the gut. It also comes with an impressive money back guarantee.

“Advance Concentrate Complete is a really popular product for us and we know that when people try it, they love it,” says David Willey, Managing Director of Equimins. “We’ve offered a money back guarantee on this product for many years, but decided to make this more prominent on our packaging, to give people that extra information when they’re looking at what’s available. We know how overwhelming the array of supplements found in most tack shops is, and it can be very difficult for the horse owner to decide. We’re making the choice easier by taking a different approach – with a money back guarantee, there’s really nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

The guarantee is simple- if Advance Concentrate Complete is added to the horse’s normal feeding regime and the owner hasn’t seen any improvement in condition after feeding it for two months, they’ll receive their money back. See the website for terms and conditions.

Advance Concentrate Complete is available in powder or pellet form (so it can be fed from the hand, without the need for a bucket of feed if preferred) and is available in 1.2kg, 2kg, 4kg and 10kg quantities. As the balancer is concentrated, most horses receive just 60-80g per day. Prices start from £13.55.

For more information see, email or call 01548 531770.

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