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Just Horsing About has recently opened its online shop where owner Claire loves to find and offer good products that work. Things that are a little bit different. Products that you won't find everywhere. Everything in the store is there because Claire either owns herself or uses it with her horses - either because she loves something or because her horses have benefited from it.

For your Home:

Original Artwork by Dominique Thoenes

Dominique is the complete equestrian, not only a 0 goal polo player she also competes in Eventing and Showjumping, and in the past has been a successful amateur jockey with a few wins under her belt! She started competing at the tender age of 5 with a successful jumping career but moved her sights to Polo at 18 which has taken her around the world. She moved to South Africa where she now concentrates on her Eventing with her horse, Southcross Andromeda.

Graduating from the University of Cape Town in 1999 with a degree in Fine Art, she has taken her passion for horses and created a series of light hearted looks into the worlds of dressage, show jumping, cross country and racing.

Dominique keeps her horses barefoot and as natural as possible, attending to her horses feet herself she has a deep knowledge of equestrian hoof care and health. Through her career as an artist she supports several charities, one being "The Cape Town Carthorse Protection Association." This charity manages to keep Cape Town’s working horses in a good shape, attending to their feet, vaccinations and general health. These little horses are the backbone to many a small business in the poorer areas of the city.


For your Horse:

Hi Form Supplements

I have been looking for supplements that work for years. I never found anything that truly worked, until now. Every horse has individual needs and challenges. The Hi Form range provides essential additional support for your horse. Oxydane is the base supplement that has all the essential nutrients to support your horse on a daily basis. The rest of the range can be added and removed dependent on the needs of your horse.

The good news is that the range is designed to interoperate, so you can address each issue knowing that you are always getting the maximum benefit without compromise.

Hi Form is for all horse owners serious about their horse’s health


Orscana by Arioneo

What is it?

Simple. It is a sensor that you buy. It comes in a box with 3 special pockets and a fixing system. You sew the pockets into your rugs (takes 3 minutes and I can’t sew) with plaiting thread. The fixing system is only for travelling to competitions, lessons or treadmill sessions.

You download the app for free from the iStore or GooglePlaystore. You fill in your details. You pair the sensor to your app. You fill in your horse’s detail and it automatically sets the comfort zone for your horse based on your information, age, breed, sex and coat and you are in business. Just put the sensor into the pocket (with the metal disk pointed towards your horse) and the data starts to be collected.

It is based on Bluetooth technology so to download the data you need to be within 100 feet of your horse.


For You:

Creams & Scrubs

Horses take up a lot of time. Like me, you probably put yourself at the end of a very long list. Also, like me, you have probably bought hundreds of different products for your everyday skin care. Like me, you have probably ditched them because they take too long, are too expensive, don’t work or simply you gave up.

An old colleague of mine, introduced me to this stuff. The cynical me was “yeah yeah, sure”. I have to admit that the tubes sat for a couple of weeks. Finally, under duress from my husband, I tried the face scrub when I looked in the mirror my reaction was “Bloody hell” (actually it wasn’t but I can’t write what I said on a web site). I slapped on the cream and could actually feel it working.

People I know have noticed the difference, telling me I look radiant, healthy, bags and wrinkles much reduced and my skin is silky soft.

What is even more remarkable is that it doesn’t cost the earth (no fish tanks and silly packaging). I use the scrub twice a week and feed my skin with the cream every day. Tops 3 minutes and I am out of the door back to my horses.

The body stuff works in the same way, pretty simple and takes a little bit longer but then you do have a lot more square footage to cover!

 About Feed Your Skin

These products started life differently from today’s cosmetics. Over 15 years ago the product inventor had some very nasty medical procedures that left him with a great deal of post treatment chemicals and toxins in his body. As a scientist he decided he needed to detox, as the symptoms from his drug regime were unpleasant.

He developed a whole suite of treatments to help himself. He discovered that everything that goes in to our body comes out through our skin. The only problem was that we have dead skin and the toxins get stuck.

His first project was to develop a detoxifying exfoliating scrub that removed the dead skin to leave healthy new skin undamaged. Not only does this remove the toxins you absolutely don’t want, it also removes the wrinkly stuff too – leaving you baby faced and younger looking.

With this problem solved he then developed a skin food to nourish your new young skin so it stays healthy, plump and elastic for longer. This cream uses state of the art technology to take vitamins and nutrients straight to your skin cells.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It covers about 21 square feet (a bit more on some of us) and would weigh about 9 pounds if you could weigh it. It is porous, it actually acts as a barrier to stop pollutants and free radicals getting in to the body.

We know how porous it is because we use creams to affect our hormone balance or even when we use a nicotine patch to stop smoking the dreaded cigarettes. So that means not only do we need to cherish and nourish it, we really don’t want to put anything on it that leaves toxins and chemicals that sink into the skin and be bad for us.

The skin also helps get rid of toxins particularly through sweat. In the past pretty much all skin products have been made with chemical preservatives and petroleum based products (even baby oil!!). They also use detergents and chemicals that keep the product bound together.

Feed your Skin, changes the balance, it puts in what you need and manages what you have.

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