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WOW Saddles has launched a full range of synthetic girths, made of a super-soft material, visually almost identical to leather. Known for their innovation and use of premium materials, WOW has been able to source a synthetic material that matches the softness and suppleness of the premium leather used in their Soft girth range, so the horse will be just as comfortable.

Why choose one of these? They are

*easy care - just wash under a tap


*great value


Available in black or brown, this synthetic girth range is suitable for all makes of saddles, and with its many styles and versatility it provides a solution for every horse. Ensuring comfort against the skin in the girth area and behind the elbows is the first question asked of a girth by most riders, and this soft synthetic material certainly achieves that. Less well understood is the importance of girth design as an integral part of saddle fit.

 The design of these girths not only provides individual options, but allows ‘mix and match’ to give optimal comfort and saddle fit. The individual options include a Soft Straight girth, a Split girth, the H-girth and the Release, with its large integral sternum plate.

 The Split girth is chosen where the girth billets need to be separated to a degree for excellent saddle fit and stability, but not as much as with the H-girth. A feature of the H-girth is that it can be ordered with different strap lengths front and back. The advantage is that the front strap can be chosen long enough to buckle above the horse’s elbow, while the back strap is short enough for the buckle to sit below the rider’s heel.

  Add to these choices the novel Elegance sternum plate, which can be used with the Soft Straight, the Split or the two straps for the H-girth and you have a truly innovative girthing system. 


The importance of a sternum plate in lifting the girth away from the hardworking muscles either side of the sternum has been demonstrated, the reduced pressure allowing the horse to work in greater comfort. WOW has offered the H-girth, with its 10” or 12” sternum plate for some years, and it has become very popular, both because horses show a softer way of going, and for the stability it gives to the saddle. However, not all horses need the wide setting of girth billet straps to match the H-girth, so WOW has introduced the Elegance sternum plate.  Its triangular shape with rounded corners provides the same effect of removing girth pressure from the musculature, but it can be used with a Soft Straight girth, with the Split girth or with the two straps of the H-girth.

 Explore this unique easy care, good value girthing range, suitable for use with all saddle brands, and see what a difference it could make for your horse.

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