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Keep your Equi-Med Ag Antibacterial Boots in top condition with Re-Gen washing detergent.

 Sourced in its purest form to complement the Equi-Med Ag products, Re-Gen eliminates any risk of deactivating the activated carbon and silver fabric.

 It is the only detergent that can be guaranteed to keep the antibacterial boots clean and working effectively, prolonging their life span. There is also no fear of chemical cross-contamination which cannot be guaranteed with shop-bought products.

 Re-Gen is also ideal for washing rugs, girths, saddlecloths and numnahs.

 It is available in 700g bags and is priced at around £2.99.

 For more information on the Equi-Med Ag products visit or call on 0191 5118323 or 0777 5577165.

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