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A second production plant in Hampshire more than doubles production ofhighly successful Strawmax straw pellet bedding for horses.

Bedmax Ltd has established a new Strawmax production plant in Hampshire to meet increasing demand for its straw pellet bedding. Launched in 2021, and previously made in a dedicated production plant in Northumberland, demand in the South of England has prompted the development of a second production facility at the Bedmax plant near Andover in Hampshire. This new production facility has more than doubled the quantity of Strawmax available for sale through equestrian suppliers and retailers across the UK.

Made from high-quality local straw, this completely natural, eco-friendly equine bedding is a dust-extracted, highly absorbent, easy to use, and cost-effective bedding solution designed to keep stabled horses healthy.


Feedback from owners using Strawmax has highlighted the exceptional absorbency of straw pellets, making it particularly effective and economical for wet or messy horses. Many owners confirm that the concentration of urine in condensed patches makes mucking out quick and easy with little waste, resulting in a much reduced muckheap.

NOPS accredited, like its stablemates Bedmax and Littlemax, Strawmax comes with the full assurance of Bedmax quality to customers, and the same commitment to the retailers who distribute all the company’s bedding products.

Tim Smalley, Managing Director of Bedmax, hopes the second Strawmax production plant will help meet the extraordinary demand for equine bedding the industry has faced this winter.

“We created Strawmax straw pellets two years ago to offer horse owners a high-quality bedding option that combines the best attributes of the two most popular equine bedding choices after purpose-made shavings: baled straw and wood pellets. They were an immediate success, and we expect straw pellets to become a significant player in the equine bedding market. So we’ve invested in their future and doubled our production, and we’re working with retailers now to supply the growing numbers of owners who are discovering the many benefits Strawmax has to offer.

“For more than two decades we have tried to set the gold standard in equine bedding with our shavings, and this will always be our aim. But we have always known that purpose-made shavings may not always be the preferred bedding choice for every horse and every owner, and that new types of bedding can provide different benefits to meet different priorities. We have always invested in the continuous improvement of our products and our environmental performance, and Strawmax is another big step forward for us in achieving these goals for a wider range of equine bedding customers.”

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