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Get set for success in 2020 and beyond with NLP and Time Line Therapy®  from Tara Punter PR

In an exciting development that will deliver brilliant benefits to her clients, Tara Best, founder and director of leading rural and equestrian PR company Tara Punter PR, is delighted to announce she is now a qualified NLP and Time Line Therapy™ practitioner and coach. These new skills will complement Tara’s much-loved mindset, marketing and PR coaching services, ensuring that customers benefit from an even wider range of tools and expertise.


Tara undertook a 6-day NLP Practitioner course with Tracey Cole NLP & Hypnotherapy at the end of November and passed it with flying colours, marking the beginning of an exciting time for her agency. NLP stands for neurolinguistic programming and the practice aims to rewire the subconscious mind, ensuring it is in the best shape possible to support a person’s aims. NLP coaching focuses on the elimination of limiting beliefs that hold so many people back from achieving their full potential, whether that’s in a career, personal or sporting sphere. 

Time Line Therapy™ has evolved from NLP and hypnosis, using a person’s own internal ‘timeline’ to help them overcome past events and traumas. Time Line Therapy®  sessions focus on eliminating the issues of the past to remove blocks and negative thoughts, allowing rapid and powerful change in mindset. Tara is excited to be able to offer NLP and Time Line Therapy®  to her clients as part of her mindset mastery courses and highly successful PR and marketing coaching. Whether they are working on personal or professional goals, these new skills will help people succeed and learn valuable tools for the future.

Tara comments:

“I’ve been working on mindset coaching for over a year now and I find it absolutely intriguing. I know how powerful the mind is to a person’s chance of success or failure and I’m so excited to be able to help my clients have control over their mind with my NLP coaching qualification. I’m delighted to have learnt these new skills under the expert guidance of Tracey Cole, someone I’ve worked with in the past and respect enormously. My business has always been focused on growing people’s businesses through PR and marketing, but now I have the opportunity to help people grow too. If you want help to achieve your goals more quickly and boost your confidence beyond recognition, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!”

Tara Punter PR is a coaching, marketing and PR agency founded by Royal Agricultural University alumnus Tara Best (nee Punter) in 2016. Specialising in businesses in the equestrian and rural sector, the agency is based just outside Tetbury in Gloucestershire, but services clients from both the UK and around the world. If you would like to learn more about the wide range of services on offer, from public relations and digital marketing to coaching and mindset courses, just drop Tara and the team a line:

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