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Choosing which noseband would suit your horse, whilst making sure that they are completely comfortable is vital to ensure that they perform to the best of their ability.

The Cathedral Equine range includes several different nosebands that can be purchased separately, which means that there is no need to replace your whole bridle and you can swap out your noseband for a different one with ease.


Noseband’s need to be correctly fitted otherwise this can cause discomfort due to the pressure that can be applied to the cranial nerves

The Cathedral Equine range features three different styles of nosebands: Flash, Cavesson and Drop, all crafted from super soft leather with attachments on either side for easy fitting. Each style has a number of beautiful finishes allowing you to fully customise your bridle.

A Cavesson is a plain band around the nose and can come in different styles. It can be flat and wide for a heavy hunter, thin and raised for a finer horse or pony or padded for extra comfort.

The addition of a Flash noseband to a bridle, which is attached to a central loop on a Cavesson noseband, can give enhanced control as it can reduce a horse’s tendency to open its mouth and evade the bit and can also help to centralise the bit, increasing its effectiveness.

It is important that the main noseband is fitted correctly (e.g. one to two fingers below the projecting cheekbones) and the Flash is fastened so that two fingers can be slid all the way round.

For a more definite action to stop the mouth opening, the Drop noseband can be used. The Drop is fitted lower down on the horse’s head and sits above his nostrils, whilst the back fastens in the groove of his jaw. When fitting the Drop noseband, ensure that it is at least 6cm above the nostrils to avoid interference with breathing and don’t over tighten it.

A few of the individual nosebands that can be purchased from Cathedral Equine are:

-          Flash Noseband – Crocodile Black Patent Leather Noseband - this exquisite flash noseband adds a touch of class to your bridle.

-          Black Cavesson Noseband with Rosegold Piping - the added piping on this noseband gives it an extra luxurious feel.

-          Drop Noseband with Rock Crystal Detailing - the additional bling on this outstanding drop noseband will make you stand out in a crowd.

For more information and to browse the Cathedral rage visit or call 07920 452739.

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