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Alltech are offering a series of free online educational equine webinars giving horse owners the chance to expand their knowledge on nutrition, forage and the equine digestive system.

 Hosted by Dr Helen Warren RSci, Alltech’s Technical Co-ordinator, the two webinars that have already taken place have proved hugely popular, with people registering from all over the world.

 The first webinar looked at the basics of nutrition and how to feed your horse. This involved learning more about how the horses’ digestive system works, how feed is digested, types of feed, nutritional requirements and how to avoid common problems associated with feeding such as acidosis and colic.

 The second webinar in the series was on winter feeding with a focus on forage. Dr Warren gave an insight into feeding horses in winter with a specific emphasis on the different forage options, feeding values and nutritional issues to watch out for.

 Clare Fahey, Alltech’s Global Equine and Pet Marketing Manager also addressed the behavioural and management aspect of feeding stabled horses over winter.

 The two webinars are available online via the Alltech website as an ongoing point of reference for anyone wanting to learn more about nutrition and are regularly being accessed by horse owners worldwide.

 Future webinars will be announced on Alltech’s Equine Hero facebook page, where you will be able to register to listen and view the webinar broadcast live. Anyone who registers will also receive an email containing a recording of the webinar.

 For further information please visit or go to the Equine Hero facebook page.

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