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 Personalised grooming brushes are the ultimate present for horse lovers

Have you spent some of the last few months staring blankly at a computer screen trying to think of a present to buy for a friend or loved one? Perhaps you simply slung some chocolate and wine in the shopping trolley on your weekly outing to then leave on the doorstep to mark a big occasion! Horse lovers can be tricky to buy for, unless your budget extends to a 40 x 60m manège or an Oakley horse box, but thankfully Hooves & Love are at the ready to help. The brand's personalisable grooming kit gifts are a sure-fire way to put a smile on the face of a horsey friend, giving them a totally unique and useful gift.


The Duet Gift Box (£40.00)

The Duet Gift Box contains two beautiful and practical wooden-backed grooming brushes. There’s a high-quality body brush from top brand Haas Country which has all-natural bristles and a soft leather strap making it environmentally friendly as well as useful! The bristles have been selected to be firm without being scratchy, so they go deep into the coat to remove dead skin and hair and draw oils to the surface. Nestled next to it in the branded Hooves & Love box is a wooden-back dandy brush, perfect for removing dried mud and dust. The dandy brush is crafted from sustainable beechwood with stiff Mexican fibre bristles. Both brushes can be personalised with the name of the recipient or their favourite horse!

The Ultimate Finish Gift Box (£60.00)

The Ultimate Finish Gift Box is truly a special present for any horse lover to unwrap. In addition to the brilliant Haas Country body brush and wooden-back dandy brush in the Duet Gift Box, there is also an incredibly soft goat’s hair face brush that will make removing any bridle marks and removing dust from the face a breeze. The brushes can all be personalised with letters or a name to make a really lovely personalised gift. Finally, Hooves & Love has included a strong and sturdy wooden-handled hoof pick, which can also be personalised - very important on those busy yards where everyday items such as hoof picks seem to have legs!


Both of these brush-based gift sets come carefully wrapped in an exclusive Hooves & Love branded box. Bespoke and custom gifts such as these are really at the heart of what Hooves & Love do and they do it very well! Founder Emma adores rooting out brilliant brands and products to add to the boxes and finding ways to make the end result even more special. The presentation of Hooves & Love gift boxes is unrivalled, with Emma even being known to iron the tissue paper she is using if it isn’t quite smooth enough… Could this be the perfect way to put a smile on the face of horsey chums this year?

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