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Knowing how to keep children amused through the school holidays can sometimes be daunting for parents, especially as a lot of activities sound 'boring' in this digital age.  This summer let Cavago do the hard work for you and get ready to create magical memories with your loved ones. 

Cavago are offering a fantastic opportunity to join All-Steps Formation Riding on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th  August for an exclusive Gala event at Hartpury, Gloucestershire. You and the whole family could attend the day show on its own or the day and evening performances. There you would enjoy a musical celebration of formation riding with the world-famous Portuguese School of Equestrian Art. They are bringing a full team of 24 horses and their riders to the UK with a show to amaze not only all horse lovers but non equestrians too. 


Alongside the Portuguese riders will be the All-Steps team, enchanting the audience with their exciting and moving lights routine, proving that formation riding is for all riders from teenagers to retirees, and all horses no matter the breed, size or age.

Visitors should prepare to be wowed by Gallien Gauiter and his intrepid team of stunt riders and all the thrills that this team bring with them. There will also be performances from a fabulous team of skilled Shetlands and their riders, a beautiful ballet performance from Mia Rodley of Heart of Horsemanship, a pas de deux from the Working Equitation GB Champion Holly Barber and her partner Freddy Steele from Steelhorse amongst many others. The performances will include beautiful live vocals before changing to the traditional music.


As if this magical display of horsemanship wasn’t enough, there will also be many demonstrations throughout the daytime including a talk by the chief rider of the Portuguese school, João Pedro Rodrigues. He will give a fascinating review of the school’s history and discuss how he chooses their horses and what he looks for to make the best version of their dressage horse. The weekend will include over 60 horses taking part in this equestrian extravaganza. It is set to be packed full of showstopping acts brimming with excitement from start to finish. 

Guests are invited to bring their own horses along try out one of the clinics in Liberty, Piaffe, Flag Bearing and Formation of Garrocha. There will be an exciting championship competition in formation riding over both the Friday and Saturday daytime timetable so with a bit of practice there could be a winner amongst you. There is stabling, hook-up and camping available, so you have the option to attend just one or both days for a jam-packed horsey weekend for the whole family. There will even be a ticketed after-show party where most of the two-legged stars of the shows will head for a well-deserved drink, not to be missed!

This incredible experience has been especially curated by All-Steps Formation Riding and Cavago for families who like to think outside the box.  They have perfectly combined a love of horses and experiences to create the perfect summer holiday activity.  Easy to book, simply download the Cavago app or visit the Cavago website and search for ‘All-Steps Formation Riding’. Enjoy.

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