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Primrose, the little cremello cob mare who is being supported in her rehabilitation by leading nutrition company, Alltech, is the inspiration behind one of the maquettes going on display on World Horse Welfare’s World Horse Farm Trail.


The four World Horse Welfare Rescue and Rehoming Centres in Norfolk, Aberdeenshire, Lancashire and Somerset will each host their own mini World Horse Trails comprised of five maquettes that have been individually designed and sponsored, to highlight the stories of horses that have been helped by the charity.

Alltech has kindly provided sponsorship for Primrose’s maquette and YouTube sensation, This Esme, is the artist behind the unique design.


This Esme captured the painting of the mini sculpture in a vlog posted on her YouTube Channel and she chose to paint Primrose as she reminded her of her own horse, Micky, and fully understands the importance of protecting him from the sun during the summer months.

When Primrose was found abandoned with a foal at foot she was in a terrible condition due to extreme photosensitivity causing the skin on her eyes, nose, shoulders, neck and hind quarters to be peeling and raw.

Each mini-sculpture is approximately 30 cm high and will be displayed for visitors to view from May to September.

You can see Primrose’s maquette on display now at World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Somerset, where Primrose is currently undergoing rehabilitation following the birth of her second foal, which Alltech named Teddy.

The Lifeforce Range of all-natural, daily digestive aid supplements from Alltech is designed to benefit horses of every stage of life, from breeding stock to pleasure and performance animals.

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