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 The Centre Line have just announced their exclusive UK distribution of Rider in Balance products.These specially designed, patented stirrups help to improve a rider’s leg position and balance. The RiB Steel Stirrups are a hot new product and will transform rider experience, whatever the discipline. 

Balance is key when riding horses, it is something that challenges everyone, from the everyday leisure rider to elite athletes. These ingenious stirrups help dramatically in one of the key areas for achieving balance. They feature an adjustable angle on the foot plate which allows the rider maximum foot support and control, placing their leg softly around the horse, releasing the knees and allowing for effective leg use. 

Designed and developed by Maria Terese Engell who is on a mission to create a wider understanding of the interaction between horse and rider with her Rider in Balance brand. Maria develops pioneering products which help to improve the rider’s postural control, essential when fine tuning horse and rider performance.



RiB Steel Stirrups can be used with ordinary stirrup leathers (max. width 26mm), but they would need to be approximately 16-18 cm longer than with a standard stirrup. With the leather running through the head of the stirrup the rider is able to adjust the angle of the foot plate to their individual preference. 

A unique safety release arm is made of a soft PU-material, allowing the foot to slip free in case of an accident by bending out and releasing from the steel. Sold with separate cover bags that will protect both stirrups and saddle from scratching, it is recommended that these covers are used for storing the stirrups between rides. 

So, whether you’re hoping to improve your performance or increase your comfort in the saddle, these technical RiB-stirrups from The Centre Line are for you. Now, for the first time in the UK, people will be able to inspect these RiB Steel Stirrups in person as they will be launched at Badminton with The Centre Line inside World of the Horse.

Competition approval across BE, BS and BD has been confirmed. 

Rider in Balance Steel Stirrups £300 

Visit for more information and to place your order.



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