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Prepare your horse to stay in top condition this winter – start the regime now with the Show Improver range from Saracen.

 With the onset of autumn imminent, many owners start to worry about keeping condition on their horses. We have had an amazing British summer which means that the hay we will have for the coming winter will not only be plentiful but first signs are that it will also be good quality. This is great news as feeding plenty of quality forage is essential to keeping the horse’s digestive system in good working order.

For owners who want to ensure their horse doesn’t begin to drop their condition this autumn/winter, a switch to Show Improver Pencils along with feeding a quality source of forage will have a positive effect.

 Show Improver Mix and Pencils are the ultimate in non-heating, conditioning feeds, whether for that extra condition for the sales or show ring, or to help put and keep condition on thin horses or “poor doers”, or for horses and ponies needing extra coat gloss. They are highly nutritious, energy dense rations formulated from a blend of quality ingredients containing a high level of calories provided by Saracen’s unique “Super-fibres” and oils. In addition, a unique blend of EQUI-JEWEL® , a high fat stabilised rice bran,helps ensure that the digestive system is not over burdened with starch and delivers a high calorie ration in a slow release form.

 Show Improver Mix 20kg RRP: £11.30 – £12.96

Show Improver Pencils 20kg RRP: £10.25 - £11.70

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