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A well-placed security system will help your equestrian buildings work more efficiently.

Why positioning is important

You’ve just got yourself a new camera, or you want one, for your stables or livery yard.

If you’ve got a camera to keep an eye on your horse whilst it’s foaling or to improve security, positioning can make all the difference and will save you money.

Remember these 5 points when installing your camera:

  • Use one camera per stable bay.
  • Height is your best friend.
  • Know what your camera can do.
  • Maximise the field of view.
  • Cover the entry points.

Get these right and you’ll have a slick stable camera system.


Use one camera per stable bay

It’s tempting to save money when it comes to cameras.

But you’re just going to end up wasting it if you try and make one camera do too much.

When it comes to your stable bays (if you’re lucky enough to have more than one horse) use one camera for each.

If you use a single camera to cover multiple bays, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to see everything that’s going on inside.


Place your security camera high up

The main reason for placing a camera high up is so it can see as much as possible.

If a camera can see above and around your equestrian buildings, it reduces the need to get more cameras to cover those areas.

Putting a camera too low will make it easier to vandalise too.

Now, we’re not saying put it as high as you possibly can.

There’s a point where that becomes impractical.

Find a medium where your camera can see into the distance, and what’s going on close by.



What can your camera do?

Things like field of view will give you a pretty good idea about where you can place it.

Our 360 cameras and static cameras have a 79° field of view.

This means, if you can see the camera lens, it can see you.

Whereas the static camera stays where it is, the 360 can have a good look around.

So when you’re putting a camera around your equestrian facility, think about what you want it to see.

Is it the stable door? Or is it two gates on either side of your horse’s paddock?

If you’re trying to make one camera do too much from one position it won’t work as effectively.


Make the field of view as big as possible

Installing your camera on a barn wall will limit you to 180°. Which is good, but a 360 camera deserves so much more!

For example, if you have an open-sided building your camera will be able to swivel all the way around.

On one side there’s the outdoors, where your camera can keep watch for suspicious activity.

On the other, there are your horses. Happily waiting out winter in the warmth of your stables.

Another option is to use a corner bracket, you can mount your camera so that it has a 270° field of view.

Effectively doing the job of three static cameras.

But if the corner isn’t the best place to put your camera don’t put it there just for the sake of it.

Your desired subject is the most important thing.


Cover the key areas

Probably the most obvious point on the list, is to cover the most important places.

Let’s say for you have a driveway leading to your stables with a gate.

You can’t see the gate from the stables, but you can see the driveway.

Do you;

  1. Put the camera on the property covering the drive?
  2. Or install it so you can see who’s going through the gate?

The answer is 2.

Always cover the entrance points.

That way you won’t miss anyone who slinks off before being seen by the camera mounted on the property.


Have a think

After getting a new security camera you don’t want to buy another one a few days later.

Before going to town with your tool kit.

Take a step back.

A well-placed security system will help your equestrian buildings work more efficiently.

Good installation’s essentially a money-saving tactic. Something we all need now.

Have a look at our cameras and get started improving your stables efficiency.

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