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The Sitness range from BackinAction is a great alternative to the everyday chair. It consists of a gym ball on a frame covered in hard wearing mesh fabric, it is ideal for encouraging good sitting posture, and strengthening your back.

With no back rest it forces you to sit up. If you can imagine sitting on a ball, it reduces your balance encouraging movement while sitting, and in turn strengthening your core muscles. It has attractive chrome feet and can be a perfect office or home chair.

Successful riders know that to achieve an independent seat, centred balanced riding and security in the saddle that core strength must be built up and maintained to an optimum level.

Every tiny move you make, turning from side to side or reaching over to grab something mean you are continually checking and re balancing the deep inner muscles required to maintain body symmetry and postural correctness.

The outcome is that over time your core strength and posture will improve and brain and memory circuits will re-wire helping you to maintain your new found strength and straightness.

Your horse will also notice the difference as harmony between horse and rider can only be achieved through an independent seat.

Available in three heights and in a wide variety of colours – Black, Red, Green, Pink and Blue

 RRP: From £147.00                       

Stockists and information on either: 0207 935 9120 or 0117 922 6377 to discuss your requirements with an expert

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