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Bedding is one of the big costs of horse ownership, so with the cost of keeping a horse rising dramatically, owners – and yard owners ­–  must question their options, without jeopardising their horses’ health.


Strawmax straw pellets might offer a low cost, high quality solution


  • Healthy for horses
  • Time saving for humans
  • Very low on waste
  • Easy on the muckheap
  • Highly eco-friendly


“I cannot believe how much smaller my muckheap is

and how quickly it rots down since using Strawmax…”


The majority of owners and yards in the UK today use purpose-made shavings like Bedmax or Littlemax (other brands are of course available). But about 20% still use traditional straw and many use wood pellets. Both have big drawbacks:


  • Straw varies hugely in quality and price. It can be full of dust, unhealthy for horses, and creates a huge muckheap.
  • Wood pellets are mostly imported  or made from imported timber, so their transport and environmental costs are higher, and today supply is unreliable.


So we have developed Strawmax to combine all the best benefits of straw and pellets, without their downsides.


How is Strawmax made?


Strawmax is made from locally sourced, UK high quality straw in our own dedicated plant to create a high quality, healthy and convenient bedding:


  • Dried at sterilising temperatures
  • Thoroughly dust extracted
  • Compressed naturally into dense pellets


Where can I buy it?


Unlike straw bales, you can buy it from your local retailer in handy 15kg bags which are consistent in quality and price, and really easy to handle, store and use.


Why is Strawmax so cost effective?


Essentially, you need less Strawmax to make an optimum bed. It also lasts a long time, and because it’s so super-absorbent, you need less Strawmax to maintain an optimum bed. You waste less and you reduce your muckheap dramatically.



6-8 bags of STRAWMAX make a full bed 20 - 24cms deep in a standard stable. A bucket of water per bag will swell them to 3 x volume but still leave them super absorbent to soak up urine. Maintaining an optimum bed should only require about 1 bag per week.




All Bedmax beddings including Strawmax now come with the new BETA NOPS Bedding logo. You can read more about what this means for you and your horses at:


You can find out more about Strawmax and locate your nearest supplier at:



“Any owner who wants to save time,

cost and waste should give this a try”


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