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Celebrating five years of continuous support for horses and ponies in the care of World Horse Welfare, Alltech is set to follow the progress of Teddy in 2020.

Teddy is the foal born to Primrose who Alltech supported throughout 2019. The little cremello cob mare was found abandoned and suffering from severe photosensitivity before being taken into the care of the charity’s Glenda Spooner Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Somerset, where she gave birth to Teddy.

As Teddy has now been weaned from his mum, Alltech will follow his progress as he begins the next chapter of his life. Unlike his mum, Primrose, Teddy has had a great start in life under the watchful eye of his groom, Billy-Jo Roby, and has sympathetically been introduced to all aspects of life including the vet and farrier, as well as being handled regularly.


Before Teddy can be waved off to his new home, he still has lots of work to do to ensure he has all the necessary life skills for a successful future, including familiarising him with as many new things and situations as is possible to build his confidence. During this time he will learn quickly that working with his handler is always rewarding and listening to his groom is the best course of action.

Due to his diminutive size, it will inevitably mean that he spends a lot of his future being ridden and handled by children, so it is vital that when he finds the right home he is able to place his trust in his new owner to continue his education.

The next few months will also see him undergo castration and microchipping, as well as complete his course of vaccinations and get his own passport.

Alltech’s UK Marketing Manager, Isla Baker-Browne said: “We are very excited to see what the future holds for Teddy and hope that we have the privilege of seeing him eventually move on from Glenda Spooner Farm to a forever home where he will never know the suffering that his mum, Primrose, had to endure.

“As we follow Teddy’s progress I hope we can highlight the fantastic work that equine charities like World Horse Welfare do for the many abandoned and neglected horses and ponies in the UK.”

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