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The Equestrian Index were proud sponsors of the Forces Equine Pairs class at The British Showjumping Festival of Scope last weekend. For the first time, British Forces were represented at the event thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Forces Equine organisation. Members have competed at various events across the country throughout the year to qualify, resulting in 10 teams consisting of one Junior and one Senior rider battling it out in the Scope Grand arena on Saturday 31st August.

With the sun shining the team riders paraded around the arena prior to the class and received a warm reception from the spectators.  Juniors completed their 80cm rounds before the jumps were raised to 1m for the senior riders. The evident smiles on the competitors’ faces and the encouragement from team mates was fantastic to see. Forces Equine and its members illustrated that by supporting one another across the network of Services it enables them to enjoy, participate and compete in their chosen sport. 

The winning pair Milly Hockenhull (Army Dependent) & Captain Rebecca Darke RLC  received Equestrian Index rugs and were followed in 2nd and 3rd place by Mrs Linda Matthews (Army Dependent) & Miss Katie Nicol (MoD Dependent), Mr Jack Tebbutt (Saddle Club Member) & WO1 (RSM) Graeme Matthews REME.  Congratulations go to all the riders who took part.

Jenny Naylor from Forces Equine commented, "We have been overwhelmed at the level of commitment our service riders put into developing within their sport in spite of frequent deployments and inflexible working conditions. Our Junior riders usually move frequently with their serving parents and so to keep in the saddle is sometimes very difficult let alone progress in their chosen discipline. Sponsorship of a military saddle club, or an individual rider, would be a wonderful way to show your support of our Forces riders young and old. Perhaps you have an event near you, affiliated or unaffiliated, any discipline, which you would like to sponsor a Forces rider, or team, to come and attend. Please get in touch with Forces Equine and we will be delighted to connect you to a suitable recipient and help promote any support you give."

 If you would like more information about how you can support or join Forces Equine, please contact Jenny Naylor by email or visit

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