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One of the UK’s leading providers of equine products, JFC, have secured UK and European distribution rights for the Equine industry for Zoono’s Antimicrobial  Z-71 Microbe Shield product, approved by DEFRA.

With technology developed in the 1930’s, Zoono Animal Health founded in New Zealand in 2009, have worked extensively over the last 10 years to develop a shelf life fit for commercial use. After much research, investment, and development the shelf life now stands at 3 years.

JFC Agri’s National Sales Manager Sue Taylor said the biggest difference between Z-71 Microbe Shield and other products on the market is the effectiveness for 30 days, through killing pathogens by mechanical rather than chemical action. This has been demonstrated by Australian veterinary distributors against similar coronaviruses that cause high mortality in young pigs.

“Both mechanical and chemical disinfectants will kill most pathogens instantly but the fact that it is proven to be effective against many pathogens for 30 days is a major breakthrough.” explains Sue Taylor.

““We were initially attracted to the Zoono product by discovering its effectiveness against the African Swine Flu virus, a disease known to kill 80 per cent of pigs infected. Thanks to its non-harmful toxicity level, with no required stand down time it is the ideal solution to protecting your yards, stables, transporters and tack. With the challenges faced by the equine industry in recent years such as Equine Influenza, which cost the horse racing industry an estimated £5 million, and strangles which has 600 outbreaks across the UK each year and can be carried and spread with no clinical signs, to be able to protect horses, horse owners and the surrounding environment against all known pathogens is paramount” adds Sue Taylor.

“As we know a key objective set out by the British Horse Racing Authority is to keep the work place clean and to prevent transmission by touching contaminated surfaces, and the Z-71 Microbe Shield does just that” finishes Sue Taylor.

Unlike chemicals that kill by poisoning, or alcohol by dehydration and which only work when wet, Z-71 Microbe Shield is a water based compound that is less toxic than vitamin C. Proven to be effective against MRSA, E Coli, H1N1 Swine Flu, Salmonella, Equine Influenza, and Covid 19.

To find out more about Z17 Microbe Shield and  protecting your livestock systems against known pathogens contact JFC Equine T: 01691 659226 E:

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