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SEIB Golden Oldie


We care deeply about our older horses, many of us having had them since we were children. They’ve seen us through everything from Pony Club Camp to affiliated competition, and with veterinary medicine making great advances, and the revolutionary diagnostics and treatments that are now available, our veteran horses are living longer, healthier lives and some even competing well into their twenties.

Accidents and injuries can occur at any time and SEIB’s veteran horse insurance is here to help you with that. SEIB’s veteran policy, which is available to horses aged 15 or over with absolutely no upper age limit, covers accidental and external injuries only. So, even if your horse has suffered a previous injury, or they have had past insurance exclusions, SEIB can help by providing a degree of cover to keep your horse protected. Remember, even if you think your horse is too old to insure, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have any cover.

Should you want to, owners even have the option to insure their older horse on SEIB’s standard horse insurance policy, which includes full cover for horses up to the age of 25. Securing this cover is subject to your veteran horse’s claims history and its health, which will be checked by an underwriter at each renewal.


SEIB Golden Oldie


If you have a veteran horse in your care and are considering the cost of an insurance premium against the cost of any potential claim when taking out a veteran horse insurance policy with SEIB, here’s some claims information:

  • The average call out cost of the veteran claims paid in the past month was £142
  • SEIB’s lowest veteran excess is £135
  • The average cost of a veteran claim is £776

SEIB’s veteran policy can offer veterinary fee options ranging from £750 all the way up to £3,000, so you really can tailor it to your requirements. It’s also worth noting that the veterinary claim limit is calculated per claim and not per year, making this a really good option for your older horse.

SEIB truly can be with you every step of the way throughout your horse’s life, meaning you can relax, safe in the knowledge that they have your horse covered, no matter their age. To find out more about SEIB’s veteran horse insurance cover, click here.

About SEIB

SEIB have been arranging insurance for horses for over 50 years. This experience allows us to tailor policies to suit your circumstances and ensure that you and your horses are covered should the worst happen.

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