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Even the best yards can feel a bit tense from time to time - it is a live animal environment after all and our equine friends can be unpredictable. LIVERYLive can reduce tension by having all the necessary information literally to hand when things don’t go according to plan. With the LIVERYLive app, horse, rider and yard team information, like emergency contacts, feed and supplements, veterinary care and health and safety procedures can be constantly updated and are all instantly accessible 24/7, removing the need for guesswork and making the yard safer and more professional.

We all love being at the yard and it is a shame that so many are facing closure due to increasing financial pressure. Most yard owners want to continue to provide the service their liveries expect but feed, bedding, staff and insurance costs are rising and often difficult to pass on. No one wants to compromise on the care of their horse, but we want to feel we are getting value for money. Understanding what is included and what is an extra helps us to value the service we get.

The LIVERYLive app allows both horse owners and yard managers to review costs as they are incurred, making monthly bills less of a shock at the end the month. Being able to see the detail of what you are spending can help identify savings and make budgeting easier. With the LIVERYLive app everyone can see where they stand and financial misunderstanding and dispute can be avoided. Yard owners and managers are also able to streamline operations with the LIVERYLive app and reduce the time and money spent on admin with features like simple to use and accurate billing.



The LIVERYLive app also improves communication on the yard. Requests for services are logged on the app as they come in and ticked off once they are completed, so the yard team know what needs to be done and the horse owners can see it has happened. The yard calendar is accessible to everyone so there is no doubt about which day the farrier is coming or who has booked the arena for a lesson.

LIVERYLive, the complete app for equine yard management is helping to make yards safer and more efficient for the benefit of horses, their owners and the livery yard team that look after them. LIVERYLive users tell us that their yards are more relaxed because everyone knows what they need to know.

LIVERYLive is constantly being updated and improved in response to user feedback and we provide online support, free demos and help with uploading yard information to make things as easy, efficient and stress-free as possible.

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