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Did you know that you no longer need to take a test to tow a horse trailer?

This change to the law, combined with the cost of living rising at an unprecedented rate, has led to horsebox and trailer manufacturer, Equi-Trek, seeing a huge increase in the demand for trailers.

Years ago most horse owners dreamed of owning a horsebox with living accommodation so that they could stay away at shows and have plenty of room for all of their kit.

Fast-forward to 2022 and the standard of trailers that are now available are often much better options as they have excellent overnight accommodation, generous payloads and can be significantly cheaper to purchase, run and maintain.

Most 3.5 tonne horseboxes don’t have living accommodation or adequate payload to transport two large horses. However, there are several Equi-Trek trailers available that do and they also come without the expense of tax and MOTs.

Managing Director, Tom Janion said: “The standard of living in our trailers is excellent so many owners now find it much more affordable not to run a horsebox when there are trailers that have everything they need, including a bathroom, kitchen area and bed.


“Since the law on towing changed in December 2021people can now legally tow without having to take a test which has also been a further incentive for people to swap their horsebox for a trailer. We always recommend training before people start towing on the road if they have no previous experience.” 

The Equi-Trek range of trailers leads the way when it comes to choice and innovation. From the new lightweight, spacious and wood free Apollo to the luxury Star-Treka with exceptional living accommodation, there is a transport solution to suit every owner’s needs and budget.

Another popular trailer is the Space-Treka III which carries up to three horses or four ponies (depending on size and weight) whilst remaining compact and easy to tow. It also has a totally separate tack and changing area that provides ample space for equipment.

Equi-Trek trailers offer market leading payloads due to their design which utilises superior strength lightweight panels and aluminium flooring. Their ability to efficiently and cost effectively design for parameters such as space utilisation, comfort and light-weighting has become a key market differentiator.

Equine welfare is the top priority for Equi-Trek which is why the trailers are spacious and provide a comfortable experience for travelling horses, whether that is rear-facing, herringbone or forward-facing. 

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