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The Saddlery Shop is one of the industry’s leading authorities on booting barefoot horses, holding the largest stock of hoof boots in the UK.

Brand new to the extensive range is Renegade Hoof Boots. Extremely popular in the USA, these striking boots are available in a wide selection of sizes with an extensive fitting guide provided on the website .

Renegades took over three years to develop, and underwent rigorous testing. Featuring unique ‘pivoting heel captivator’ technology, if properly sized, fitted, adjusted and installed, the Renegade Hoof Boot will not rub, not even for riding distances of 100 miles.

Many UK horse owners recognise the health benefits of maintaining a horse with bare feet. However, some horses take longer than others to progress from wearing shoes to going ‘bare’, and benefit from wearing hoofboots during the transitional process. Some bare horses will always need further protection when working on certain surfaces, or for certain durations, in order to remain comfortable - this is where hoofboots come in!

Renegades are supplied in pairs of the same size, one left, one right hoof boot in Black only from The Saddlery Shop. Priced at £169.99. Visit the website:   

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