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The Shoe Kit, a ground-breaking solution for horse owners, is poised to transform the way we care for our equine companions. This remarkable product offers a safe, efficient, and humane method of removing horseshoes, bringing  you additional tips and tools to ensure your horses remain safe and sound throughout the colder months.

The Shoe Kit continues to prove its value all year round, focusing on the unique challenges that the winter season presents to horse owners. Here are some valuable winter tips to ensure the safety and comfort of your horses from registered farrier and The Shoe Kit founder Tom Smith himself:


1. **Gateways and Mud**: As the weather turns wet and cold, field gateways often become muddy, increasing the risk of twisted shoes. Mud does not ‘suck’ shoes off as some people imagine, but it does slow down the removal of the front foot and allows the hind foot to stand on the shoe. To prevent this, consider rotating the placement of hay nets and water sources in different locations around the fence line. This strategy can help preserve the ground condition and reduce the likelihood of injuries.

2. **Routine Management**: Adjusting your horse's environment and tack in response to the changing seasons is crucial. Depending on your horse's character, the winter can present challenges. If your horses tend to struggle with keeping their shoes on or require remedial shoeing, consider confining them to a slightly smaller paddock and putting over-reach boots on a size or two larger than normal to ensure they cover the heels of the shoes. These simple adjustments can help minimise the chances of shoe-related issues and ensure their safety in the winter months.

If the worst does happen, The Shoe Kit can help. This ingenious kit offers horse owners a reliable and comprehensive solution to keep their horses safe and sound during the winter season. The kit includes advanced tools for precise and safe horseshoe removal without causing any discomfort or injury to the horse. Its user-friendly design ensures that equine caretakers of all skill levels can confidently use it.

Stay prepared and provide the best care for your horses this winter with The Shoe Kit. Don't wait until an emergency strikes – equip yourself with the Shoe Kit and enjoy peace of mind in all seasons.

The Shoe Kit - £126.00

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