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Anyone who owns a horse or pony knows they all have their own little quirks that make them special and unique.

To owner Lara Dyson, the Cyden Stallions are not just competition horses or breeding stallions; they are a much loved part of the family and live happily on the yard side by side with other numerous horses and ponies belonging to Lara’s nieces and nephews.

Here, we find out a few interesting things you might not know about the three Cyden Stallions, KWPN approved Cydens Cadans M, KWPN approved Cyden Bodyguard Moorland and NWPCS pony stallion Cyden Oosting Amigo.

At home Amigo is affectionately known as ‘little diamond’ due to his amazingly good temperament, and is quite happy to let you muck out his stable around him while he has a sit down.

Cadans loves to play with his natural horsemanship ball; Lara developed this game with the help of natural horseman Guy Robertson, to help Cadans be more accepting of objects around him and is now happy to have the ball rolled under his tummy!

Bodyguard is a complete teddy bear, sharing the same great temperament as his own father, the famous black stallion, Gribaldi and has been ridden by an 11 year-old girl, even performing changes and half passes.

Amigo has a flair for fashion with a love of furry clothing, during the cold winter months when everyone on the yard is wearing a furry headband, he loves to nuzzle the fur and try to pull it off your head.

Cadans loves nothing better than to have his tongue tickled and his ears rubbed and makes funny faces if you give his back a good scub, “I can get away with doing anything with him while he enjoys this attention,” said Lara.

Amigo loves his sports massage but hates the massage pad, disliking the vibrating and he has been known to stand and shake when it is just put over his stable door.

Both Bodyguard and Amigo live out all summer, which some would consider a rare luxury for stallions but both enjoy this time to chill out in the field.

Aside from his massage, Amigo’s other favourite thing is to get out of the school and go hacking, loving a good canter.

All three have a treat ball, well actually, Cadans has two!

Cyden Cadans M and Cyden Bodyguard Moorland will be standing at Stallion AI Services for a limited time this summer with frozen semen available from Cyden Oostings Amigo.

For Further information contact Lara Dyson on 07920 452739, visit or like the Cyden Dressage facebook page for news of all three Cyden Stallions and other horses and ponies for sale.

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