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Tony Philips and Sarah Bright-Phillips who run ThinLine Global UK are delighted to announce the sponsorship of Fred and Rowena Cook of Equine Management and Training.  

 ThinLine Global UK produces durable, shock absorbing saddle pads that use a unique open- cell technology to create a honeycomb matrix that moves shock, weight and heat laterally across the pad, but still remains thin and supple. The breathable pads help to keep the back cool, flex with the horse’s movements, don’t absorb water, remain in place, are infused with anti-fungal and anti-microbial agents and the construction means that they don’t crush or flatten and lose effectiveness. They are also very easy to clean.

 “ThinLine is dedicated to enhancing the harmony and happiness shared between horse and rider whether it be for a competition pair or recreational enthusiasts,” says Sarah Bright-Phillips (of ThinLine Global UK). “Fred and Rowena's dedication to the same ideals through conscientious, sympathetic and knowledgeable education of horse and rider makes Equine Management & Training a perfect ambassador for ThinLine.”

 “We had been hearing great reports from the USA about these pads, so when we discovered that they were now available in the UK, we contacted the company immediately,” says Fred Cook from Equine Management and Training. “We wanted to see and try them for ourselves, to establish that what we were hearing from the USA was really true. We can say without doubt that these pads do exactly what they say and now we don’t use anything else.”

 Equine Management and Training tested the pads on 10 horses at their Lincolnshire base. The horses, a range of thoroughbreds and warmbloods, used both the full and half pads.

 “We noticed an improvement in all the horses’ way of going,” says Rowena. “If this had happened to just a couple of the horses, the result would still have been positive, but with all 10 horses, it can’t be a coincidence.

 “In ThinLine we believe we’ve found the ultimate in comfort and protection, to allow the horses to perform to their best. We are very pleased to be working with a company at the top of its game producing innovative, quality products for the comfort and welfare of horses.”

 To find out more about Fred and Rowena Cook at Equine Management and Training, see To find out more about ThinLine Global UK and the product range, see



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