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Sue Goddard’s horse, William, is prone to abscesses due to flat feet and very thin soles.

19-year-old William has been a part of Sue’s family for the past 12 years and although a little arthritic, the pair enjoy a gentler pace of life – happy hacking and occasionally competing in in-hand arena TREC. In William’s younger days he participated in Pony Club eventing with Sue’s daughter.


Having owned horses since the age of eight, Sue has been around horses for most of her life and has worked on livery yards, a stud farm and a Point to Point yard, passing British Horse Society (BHS) exams and the BHS Groom Diploma.

With her years of experience, Sue ensures her first aid kit is always fully stocked with Animalintex® for when an abscess flares up.

During the recent wet winter, Sue was once again reaching for her supplies to poultice William’s foot when the combination of standing in his muddy field and his flat feet resulted in an abscess forming.

After cleaning the sole of the foot with diluted Hibiscrub, Sue applied a hot wet poultice. The following morning when she went to change the dressing, it became clear that William also had an abscess brewing in the other foot.

When the second abscess had not burst through following three days of wet poulticing, Sue asked her farrier to take a look as she was concerned that it was deep and tracking upwards. But, just before the farrier arrived the abscess burst through so the farrier only needed to pare out the area around the white line to check for infection.

Following two further days of wet poulticing and two days of dressing with a dry poultice, the dressing finally came off clean, indicating the abscess had gone.

With William now much more comfortable, Sue kept him in his stable, keeping his feet and bedding as clean as possible until the holes in his hooves had closed up.


Said Sue: “I have been using Animalintex® for the past 30 years and before that I remember the days of the bran poultice! I wouldn’t consider using anything else and in my opinion it is the first product to be included in any first aid kit and I would highly recommend Animalintex® to anyone that owns a horse.”

Animalintex® is the only VMD licensed multi-layered absorbent poultice available in the UK.

It contains an antiseptic to clean and prevent re-infection and natural poulticing agent, Tragacanth, which, when it reacts with water, draws out any infection and creates a clean wound area for the wound to heal.

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