Posted: 6th February 2020 | Back to news feed

Spring is on the horizon, and many of us are giving our horses more work ready for the summer season, whether that means a series of competitions, or longer days to enjoy hacking.  Plus the quality of the grazing will soon improve, adding to the factors influencing your horse’s shape.  Even small changes in shape significantly alter the way the saddle sits, making it uncomfortable for the horse and altering the rider’s balance.  

So now is the time to get your saddle checked by a qualified fitter, to ensure that it still fits both your horse and yourself. If you think your horse would benefit from a physio session, get this done before the saddle fit – no point in undoing that good work by using a saddle that may have contributed to the issues in the first place. Regularly checking your saddle fit will help ensure your horse can work and develop correctly, like Leo in the pictures, before his WOW saddle fit, and some weeks later.


Before the summer season starts in earnest, why not book a WOW demo on your own horse? You could be very pleasantly surprised by how much better he moves in a saddle that gives him full shoulder freedom and minimises pressure on his back - and how much more comfortable and effective your riding is. Find your nearest qualified WOW fitter at and you’ll be riding on air!

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