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A must have for every yard is the New HAYGAIN HG-600 steamer. Maintaining good respiratory health all year round can be a challenge if hay is dusty. Yet ensuring a horse receives enough forage is essential. Hay is undoubtedly the most ideal forage, its only flaw can be the levels of dust spores it contains, which may put horses off eating and can cause respiratory problems. Remove the spores and you have the perfect forage for any horse. 

During the cold winter months the HAYGAIN will save you time, compared to the laborious task of soaking that reduces the nutritional content. With the full nutritional content saved with your horse can enjoy delicious warm steamed hay.

HAYGAIN’s unique and scientifically proven steaming method provides the complete solution, steaming the hay at the high temperatures necessary to destroy all dust spores, mites, bacteria and mould found in hay. 

The steamed hay will retain its nutritional goodness, and trials have shown that horses - even fussy eaters - love it because of its sweet smell and palatability.

The HG-600 accommodates half a bale, hay nets or hay wedges and is ideal for smaller yards and for use away at competitions.  The unit is extremely durable and easy to move around, whether in use at the stables or whilst travelling. 

This unit features HAYGAIN’s revolutionary hay-steaming technology transforms hay into dust-free palatable forage, giving horses a healthier respiratory system and maximising their performance.

Easy to use, the HG-600 unit with its unique design and function enables the steam to penetrate the centre of the half-bale, hay nets or wedges, diffusing evenly and completely outwards.

 With latest technological advancements the new HG-600 cycle time from cold is approximately 30 minutes, making the process incomparably fast and efficient.

 Laura Tomlinson’s horses are fed on HAYGAIN steamed hay: “HAYGAIN has revolutionised the way we feed hay both at home, at a show and while travelling. My horses now get hay that is dust and spore free, yet contains no less nutrients than before it was steamed. Alf (Mistral Hojris) eats HAYGAIN steamed hay at home, in the lorry and at shows.”

For further information please contact HAYGAIN hay steamers on 0333 200 5233 or

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