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The weather is warming up and the bitey bugs and flies are amassing in the air. Like with us humans, some pets may react to these nibbles and some do not. I tend to get huge, itchy bumps from any insect bite or sting. One of my horses, Thai, a 24-year-old thoroughbred, is like me and reacts to bites.

Previously, I kept the horses on water meadows where we were inundated with small horseflies, so Thai was robed in a full neck fly rug and face mask 24/7, to help protect him. Whatever the weather, I wore a long-sleeved shirt when I was down with the horses, otherwise I’d get bitten.

Oddly, Molly the mule never got bitten and never has a cloud of flies around her. I’m not sure if the biters just don’t like mule blood, or whether her sticky-up fur helps to protect her!


  Thai in his fly rug

Over the years of having Thai, I have tried many a commercial fly repellent. However, his sensitive skin always reacted to the ingredients. He would get swell marks wherever he was sprayed, so I now make my own fly spray with natural oils, water and a squirt of soap (to help the oils emulsify). The oils I’ve found that help are tea tree, citronella, neem, sandalwood and aloe vera to name just a few.

Tea tree is a great natural oil that people have used for hundreds of years for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Some also believe it helps to repel fleas and ticks. We have a range of tea tree products for your pets and horses, including shampoos, featuring a refreshing non-rinse tea tree and peppermint shampoo.

Tea tree oils and sprays, which are easy to use, target any sore areas in the manes or tails of sweet itch sufferers. The popular sheath cleaner with tea tree is a thick gel that is perfect for the job. Fresh Frog, a product we have found is perfect for our slightly flat-soled cob, is ideal for all-year-round use to help keep the sole and frog healthy.

We use Soothitch cream on our animals and ourselves whenever we get bitten, stung, or suffer heat rash or sunburn. It’s a thick cream with tea tree and lavender oils, which is just applied to the affected area for soothing relief from the itch.

To see our full range of products, visit our website or call 01787 476400.

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