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Luxury Jewellery Brand TOTI, with its equestrian heritage, presents the TOTI "Challenge" Diamond Bangle, designed by international show jumping luminary Edwina Tops-Alexander and is an ode to the harmonious partnership between rider and horse.

Handmade in Italy from ethically sourced precious metals and stones, the TOTI Challenge Diamond Bangle is available in White, Pink or Yellow 18kct gold featuring white diamonds. and this exquisite bangle takes centre stage in the TOTI Equestrian Collection.


Fashioned from the brand’s classic and identifiable monogram TOTI, this radiant piece is bedecked with the resplendent diamonds set in a pavé arrangement. The secure, secret clasp gives ultimate security for the wearer whilst adding to the flawless, smooth finish of this must-have piece. Each piece is certified and is in a range of sizes.

The TOTI “Challenge” Diamond Bangle is arguably the most luxurious piece created to date. Yet as with all of the TOTI range, it has been carefully designed to be worn every day; in the saddle, to the office, during sports and fitness, to dinner or drinks – wearable luxury wherever the day takes you.

Well suited to the “Challenge” range, this bangle personifies the relentless spirit that defines equestrian excellence and refined artistry. A wearable testament to overcoming obstacles and revelling in triumphs.

A percentage of all TOTI sales are donated to ITOT, the foundation that Edwina founded, to deliver equine therapy to help adults and children with disabilities to live more fulfilling lives.

TOTI Challenge Diamond Bangle RRP £8295.00

Available in 18k White, Pink or Yellow Gold with white diamonds. 

Sizes S (16cm) M (17.5cm) L (19cm)

Luxury Jewellery Brand TOTI Presents a Timeless Holiday Gift Option, Crafted in Collaboration with Edwina Tops-Alexander

This holiday season, discover the gift that radiates both elegance and sentiment: the TOTI Challenge Cord Bangle. As the festive season approaches, the TOTI Challenge Cord Bangle emerges as a stunning embodiment of grace and triumph, symbolizing the remarkable journey of the rider and horse. Edwina Tops-Alexander's luxury jewellery brand, brings forth a beautiful piece designed for everyday wear that intertwines equestrian heritage with opulent design, making it a truly unique gift option for a special person in your life.


Being committed to making the world a better place, Edwina ensured the cord of the bangle is made from recycled plastic bottles and the precious gold metals are from ethical sources. Each unisex bangle is handmade in Italy with love, and the bracelet is a testament to victory and unity, beautifully encapsulating the spirit of the holiday season.

The TOTI Challenge Cord Bangle is crafted in both yellow gold or silver, with a choice of coloured cord cleverly incorporating the monogram that combines the names TOTI  - after the famous horse that inspired the brand and  ITOT, the foundation that Edwina founded, to deliver equine therapy to help adults and children with disabilities to live more fulfilling lives.

"This Christmas, I'm excited to introduce the TOTI Challenge Cord Bangle as a heartfelt gift. I designed it to serve as a reminder of the strength of partnerships, whether in equestrian sports or in life," shared Edwina Tops-Alexander. “It's a thoughtful present that captures the essence of unity and celebrates the journey we undertake together. With meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to quality, this entry-level treasure invites you to experience the allure of TOTI luxury in its purest form.”

Luxury enthusiasts, equestrian admirers and individuals seeking to gift a timeless token of appreciation are invited to explore the TOTI Collection and consider the TOTI Challenge Cord Bangle as a meaningful expression of holiday joy.

TOTI Challenge Cord Bangle RRP £340.00/Yellow and RRP £205.00/Silver

Available in Yellow Gold and Silver with 7 colour cord options including Black/Navy/Bordeaux/Pink/Electric Blue/Green/Coral

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