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Looking for something different? Luxurious quality products for your horse crafted from the finest materials? Hand made and styled in the way that only Italians know how?

Introducing U Black Rider, just launched into the UK market.

Inspired by her black horse ‘Unico’, the founder and Managing Director of U Black, Lorella Casalatina, has designed collections to emphasise the grace and elegance of horses.

UBlack horse

U Black is all about quality and experience. Each exquisite item is individually and lovingly wrapped in black tissue and sealed with a gold U before being enveloped in the distinctive U Black box ensuring that every piece of the collection is delivered to you in perfect condition, signifying a truly unique experience.  

For the rider, beautifully crafted gold-plated spurs using patented technology, come complete with leather spur straps and matching gold –plated buckles. These stunning spurs are available in Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold and the highly unusual Platinum Black for both ladies and gentlemen, delivered in 1 cm, 2cm or 3cm lengths. The spurs arrive nestled in individual black velvet pouches with a separate pouch for the straps enclosed in their distinctive U Black box.

ublack products

Riders wishing to add their own personality and flair can work with the UK team to create their own highly individual spurs. Using precious jewels, spurs can be inlaid with diamonds, rubies or sapphires to showcase initials, names or family crests produced using the riders own design and specification. The only limitation is imagination. Exact measurements are taken, a 3D drawing is created with every detail included, and after initial approval, a wax image is created for presentation to ensure that every detail is as desired. When final approval is gained, the spurs are created in Vincenza using the finest jewellers and craftspeople.

For your horse there are five collections delivering different luxurious fabrics and finishes to suit the most discerning tastes.  All items are designed with your horses comfort in mind and each piece is hand crafted to ensure the highest possible quality. 

The initial U Black horse collection features golden satin with golden and champagne cording incorporating the distinctive U Black logo on black. The collection comprises of dressage and jumping saddle pads, ears, bandages and a selection of soft fleece, pure Italian wool or velvet rugs with microfibre saddle and stirrup covers.

U Black Gold introduces velvet to the saddle pad, saddle and stirrup covers with the distinctive U Branding combining black with elegant gold and champagne cording. Complete the look with soft fleece bandages, a choice of fleece, wool or velvet rugs along with soft rich velvet saddle covers and stirrup cover bags to protect your saddle. 

U Black competition collection brings white to the mix with elegant dressage and jumping saddle pads, ears, bandages and an elegant white show rug.

The Black to Black collection affords colour to the distinctive black. Make your choice between burgundy, black, blue or grey cording for your saddle pad and ears. Matching exercise bandages, stable bandages and leg wraps complete your horse’s wardrobe.

The latest collection, U Black lady brings elegant black tulle detail to both dressage and jumping saddle pads with matching ears.

The piece de resistance is a 100% cashmere rug that is custom made for each individual horse using exact measurements and specifications. The cashmere is not only incredibly soft, silky and luxurious, it is hypoallergenic and breathable.

Every piece of the U Black collection is hand crafted by Italian artisans using only the finest quality fabrics which are specially selected by Lorella Casalatina.

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