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The Veredus E-Vento Boots combine maximum protection with comfort to produce hard wearing protective cross country boots.

They offer a combination of microperforated neoprene AEROX and 3D mesh ducted fabric to guarantee double ventilation to help keep legs cool.


The double ventilation means the heat released from the horse’s legs passes through the microperforated neoprene layer and is then distributed in the 3D mesh ducted fabric. Air is tunnelled through specialist inlets as the horse moves which directs accumulated body heat outwards through the technical ducted fabric.

Microperforated neoprene AEROZ allows the horse’s skin to breathe, avoiding sweating and overheating of the tendons.

Highly effective robust polyurethane foam pads help to reduce shock felt during high impact.

The boots are lightweight for greater freedom of movement and flexibility with waterproof all terrain robust protection. 

Used by leading event riders Andrew Nicholson, Nicola Wilson, Emily King and Oliver Townend.

The Veredus E-Vento Boots are available in sizes M and L, in the colour black and are priced at around £124 for front and £134 for rear boots.

For further information contact Zebra Products on (01352) 763350 or visit

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