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After proving popular with visitors and hugely successful in re-homing unwanted horses, the Norbrook Rescue Village is making a return to this year’s Your Horse Live.

The Norbrook Rescue Village is a haven for horses and ponies from national equine charities that are all looking for their forever home.

At Your Horse Live 2013, all the horses featured successfully found new loving homes and for this reason alone, Your Horse Live wanted to make sure it returned for another year.

Visitors will get the opportunity to meet the equine residents, give them a pat and hear their incredible stories, some of which make it hard to understand why these wonderful animals would ever offer their trust to a human again.

It also gives the equine charities represented at the event a chance to showcase the excellent work they do on behalf of the many horses, ponies and donkeys that are abused and abandoned every year, as well as allowing them to show how and where generous donations from the public are spent.

The work of these charities seems to be ever more needed as not a day goes by without yet another story featuring in the media of animal suffering. This means equine charities, like the ones in attendance at the Norbrook Rescue Village, are constantly stretched beyond their means.

For anyone thinking of getting a horse or pony, the Norbrook Rescue Village at Your Horse Live would be a great place to visit to answer any questions about re-homing and maybe even meet a future member of the family!

Your Horse Live takes place at Stoneleigh Park on November 8 and 9.

For more information on Your Horse Live 2014 or to purchase your tickets visit or telephone 0844 5810770.

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