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Equestrian Index news Wave Red Light therapy unit 

The Centre Line have just announced their exclusive UK distribution of the Wave Red Light Therapy Pen 2.0. These cleverly designed pens use red light therapy to support your horse without any side effects, enabling them to perform at their best. This is an incredible bit of kit using the latest technology to achieve fantastic results.

Using technology derived from NASA’s research and studies you can be sure you’re providing your horse with the best care available. The red light therapy, available in three different settings, can help with stiffness and tension, pain relief, joints and even stress. It has so many positive effects, healing damage up to 200% faster and providing a massive reduction in scarring.  The increase in blood circulation also effects muscle and joint recovery. The benefits are endless.

You will see and feel the effects after just a few treatments. As a handheld device, you can hit the difficult to reach spots such as mouth folds, under the hoof and inside the ear. Using the Wave Red Light Pen 2.0 before and after training may help to prevent injuries, so your horse will be able to work and recover better after treatment. Just 1 – 2 minutes use in each area can really help long-term.

With strong light at specific wavelengths, the Wave Red Light Therapy Pen 2.0 has the same positive effect as lasers, just without negative side effects, making this the perfect tool for at home use. You can use this handy pen every day, as many times as you would like. The cells can only absorb the amount of light they need, preventing cells dying or decomposing and bad cells developing.

By collecting five wavelengths in the LED laser diodes close together, each treatment zone will be able to receive the correct wavelength for that specific area, based on widely recognised research and studies.

So, whether you’re hoping to improve your horse’s overall performance or increase their level of comfort after injury, this technical Red Light Therapy Pen from Wave is for you.

Wave Red Light Therapy Pen 2.0 £179.00  *Limited Introductory Price!

RRP £285


Equestrian Index news Wave Red Light therapy unit


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