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Much has changed for Charlotte Dujardin and many medals have accrued since her dominance with Valegro on the international dressage stage made her that rare equestrian: a household name throughout the United Kingdom and well beyond.



What hasn't changed for Charlotte is the root of her success: talent, hard work and dedication to her horses' well-being. The latter explains Charlotte's belief in the Haygain Way line of products: High-Temperature Hay Steamers, the Forager Slow Feeder and ComfortStall Sealed Orthopedic Flooring. She has all three at her home base at Carl Hester’s yard in Newent, Gloucester.



A brilliant start to the show year and the Jubilee festivities have put Charlotte and Haygain in a celebratory state of mind. They’ve teamed up to give away a Forager Slow Feeder.

“We have a couple of horses that are a little bit greedy,” Charlotte explains. “The Forager really helps to slow them down when they’re eating hay or haylage. I want them to be eating something as much of the day as possible, to reduce the risk of ulcers.”

As grazing animals, horses were designed to spend the majority of their day eating in small bites. Extended eating time equals extended chewing times. Chewing produces saliva that helps buffer the stomach lining from naturally occurring acids in the digestive tract. Lengthier meals also reduce food scarcity stresses and boredom behaviors.

Another benefit of the Forager is that it allows horses to eat with their head in a lowered position. “That’s how they are meant to eat in the field,” Charlotte observes. “I think that aspect and the ability to stretch their back while eating is really important as well.” The lowered head position maintains natural alignment of the neck and back and allows particles to drain naturally out of the respiratory tract.

"We are always looking for ways to keep our horses more comfortable, healthier, happier and performing at their peak," says Charlotte. Haygain Steamed Hay and ComfortStall Flooring have helped Charlotte do that. "Feeding clean hay and having stalls that provide cushion and comfort while reducing dust are great ways to accomplish that."

The Forager completes the Haygain Way to natural horse health. The cylinder keeps Steamed Hay clean and prevents the waste of forage being trampled into bedding. It’s an ace alternative to wall-hung hay nets that can double your horse’s exposure to respirable particles that are the main cause of respiratory disease in horses.


About that Forager Giveaway!

For a chance at winning your own Forager Slow Feeder, Tag @Charlotte_dujardinecbe and @HaygainUK, and comment “I want a Forager Slow Feeder.” The giveaway runs June 5-12.


For more information on The Haygain Way, follow the link HERE.


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