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I doubt anyone reading this wants to think about the potential abuse of vulnerable adults or children. Why would you? The subject is not something anyone would choose to have to deal with or want to be part of their day. Sadly though, abuse whether physical, sexual or psychological, does happen, in fact in a recent Office for National Statistics report almost 10% of respondents reported some form of abuse as a child. Clearly then, the chance is that a child or other vulnerable person suffering abuse is very likely to cross your path with a worrying frequency. No wonder then that all the major equestrian bodies support the training of teams in equestrian centres in some level of safeguarding. You are uniquely placed to spot the signs of abuse and with the right training, help someone who really needs it.

 Is it about your team?

There is sometimes a mistaken belief that safeguarding is all about a suspicion of something being amiss in the stable or that that there is an accusation behind it. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is simply that the training is part of a wider national safety net to help recognise and report abuse. If a situation does arise, we want you to be able to recognise it, respond to it and report it, quickly and in the right way to help protect the vulnerable.

 Why should you be trained?

If you are subject to inspection as a learning centre, you will need to show that the team are all trained as needed. While this is naturally consideration, the regulations are just there to frame the real reason for safeguarding training - which is to help those in need. Nobody would ever want to be in a position where they could have been instrumental in stopping abuse but did not because of not recognising the need. Training will only take 1 – 2 hours and, as it is all online, it can be done whenever it suits the trainee. All the equestrian courses from The Child Protection Company were written in association with the British Equestrian Federation and they are simple to work through, convenient and cost effective. The unique learning system allows you to stop and re-start to suit you. Most importantly though the courses are recognised by the British Horse Society and the content has been created to be as relevant as possible. The training uses scenarios and situation that the team will relate to and could arise in an equestrian environment. This creates a very relatable learning experience and results in a team that is confident enough to act should the need arise.

Training is not expensive, in fact it usually costs less than a riding lesson, there are bulk discounts available, it is fully certified, and, in many cases, it is a requirement of your role. Most importantly though, it could save someone from years of misery and abuse because when they open up to someone on your team, or someone recognises the signs of abuse, the right action can be taken to stop it happening.

Simply put, safeguarding training is the best way to help you ‘recognise the signs’ and safeguard your riders.

You can find full information on which course is right for your role on The Child Protection Company website at the link below. Alternatively, our UK based support team re available by telephone or online chat.

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