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Niche marketing publisher Watsons Directories Ltd. (WDL) was formed to provide marketing and purchasing solutions to the Equine Industry.

WDL is here to deliver your message to precisely the right audience - our three targeted marketing brands, provide a substantial, quality, engaged community to businesses who are looking to grow their equestrian audience, increase their brand awareness and build trusted relationships with this passionate market.

Please visit our dedicated media site HERE or read on for more information on The Equestrian Index... 


Why become an Equestrian Index Business Member?

The Equestrian Index is the best single access point to reach the entire UK equestrian sector. Business Membership offers annual, cross platform, targeted digital marketing for equestrian businesses serious about increasing brand awareness and engagement with customers. Our 'all inclusive' attitude means we make digital marketing work hard for you as and when you need it, across the most relevant spaces.


What are the benefits of niche marketing?

As a specialist, digital, niche marketing platform The Equestrian Index is designed to build a stronger, longer lasting relationship between you and your ideal client.

Niche marketing enables you to connect with a yes, smaller, but much more relevant and potentially loyal group of customers.

Think big fish small pond - if you are in an industry that feels saturated with competitors, standing out can sometimes feel impossible but niche marketing is all about differentiating your brand in a crowded market.



As a business member our 280K+ site visitors, 26K+ social media followers and 6K+ newsletter subscribers could be YOUR audience for the next 12 months!

Membership gives equestrian businesses multi-platform digital coverage to this substantial target audience without the risk of overspend.

As consumers continue to increase their research time on niche digital platforms, The Equestrian Index puts you right in front of potential customers when they are making their buying decisions.

Business membership is designed to be affordable for all and is charged as an annual fee – this ensures that your business is able to maintain a consistent online brand presence as well as being able to focus on seasonal marketing.


Find your perfect fit 

Every business has different needs, goals and ideal clients.

To help you make the right advertising decisions with us, you can DOWNLOAD The Equestrian Index media pack, VISIT our full media site (where you can see all our brands, who we work with and what they say), or you can use the QUICK GUIDE on Equestrian Index membership levels below:


Unlike most people these days, we do like to talk......and more importantly, we listen! We are able to get a much better understanding of your needs by having a good discussion, so, if you are like us in this respect and would prefer to chat through some options, please contact us on 01432 367977.

Alternatively, please email and one of the team will get back to you as soon as we can! 



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