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Looking to give your horse the gift of vitality this Christmas?

Aloeride is a natural organic aloe vera supplement on the market, which alongside daily grooming and good hygiene practices can help maintain healthy skin and hooves and encourage a shiny coat from the inside out.

Aloeride Christmas Gift guide

Aloeride not only helps to promote healthy skin, condition hooves, encourage great coat shine and glossy locks, but also supports the immune system as well –another key factor to consider over the winter months.

Each box of Aloeride contains 30 sachets (30 days worth) equaling over 12 litres of aloe vera juice and its great to know that its also been tested by an accredited Newmarket laboratory and does not contain any synthetic compounds.

This Christmas banish your horse’s winter woes with a ‘wow’ by feeding Aloeride!

RRP: £55.20 per carton (Month’s supply) with discounts available on multi-purchases. 01858 464550

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