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Elysia Stepney is the first to admit that her six-year-old thoroughbred, Bliss is accident prone and that Animalintex® has come to the rescue on more than one occasion.

In the three years that, Elysia and Bliss have been a partnership, his various mishaps have led Elysia to start their own injury filled blog on Instagram.

The most recent injury occurred when Bliss and his nearby companions decided they wanted to share a field, causing a leg wound and another wound on his face, as he caught the fence during his escape.


Elysia, used Animalintex® to dress the wound with a hot wet poultice to help draw out any dirt and contamination, but due to the poor weather conditions, and Bliss being rather lively in the field the leg wound kept re-opening.

Each time the wound re-opened, Elysia applied the hot wet poultice, before applying as a dry poultice as the wound healed, to help keep it clean and dry. In total, Elysia applied Animalintex to the injury on four to five occasions.

Just as this injury was healing, Bliss knocked his knee, resulting in a tiny wound that caused swelling on his knee and cannon bone.

Once Elysia had thoroughly cleaned the wound she applied a cold poultice to the knee and overnight the swelling had dramatically reduced, with the poultice drawing out a small amount of pus.

The next day, the vet came out to check the injury and was satisfied with Elysia’s course of action in treating the wound and said to continue with the cold poulticing, as this seemed to be working well.

Thankfully, Bliss was fully recovered and back to ridden work after a month.


Said Elysia: “Bliss and I enjoy competing in low-level dressage, however due to his injury prone nature, he seems to wriggle out of shows, lessons and stepping up his training through injuring himself.

“I always keep two packets of Animalintex® in my first aid kit, one for emergencies and another to give me time to replace the pack I have used.

“Animalintex® is so easy to use, the instructions are very easy to follow for anyone using the product for the first time.

“I have lost count of the number of times that Animalintex® has worked its magic for Bliss and got us back out enjoying our riding.”

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