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Upscale your facilities with an unmissable arena mirror offer from Mirror Installs

Whether you are a commercial yard owner or have a school of your own at home, arena mirrors will make a wonderfully positive difference to your life. The installation of these helpful training aids will give your livery or training yard the edge over competitors, and make riders very happy indeed. Or, if you are a keen amateur lucky enough to have your own school, you will find solo schooling sessions are so much more useful to help you reach your training goals.


This amazing limited offer from UK-based mirror experts Mirror Installs is for the 4mm thick Classic Arena Mirrors on a self-installation basis at just £180.00 each. If you’ve been looking for arena mirrors for some time and just couldn’t afford the outlay for a team to visit your property and undertake the installation, this offer is perfect for you.

Each Classic Arena mirror is 8ft by 4ft and crafted from 4mm Planibel Clearvision, offering a crystal clear reflection and clarity as well as minimal warping or distortion, not matter how hot, cold, wet or icy it gets. The mirror panels are layered within a galvanised steel housing to prevent water working its way in, and sandwiched with thick anti-shock foam padding to ensure they conform to BS EN 12600.

Alternatively, Mirror Installs are offering 5 x 6mm full size mirrors fully installed for £3,100 so you can spend your time with your horse while they take care of the installation.

Strategically placed equestrian arena mirrors make a rider more independent and able to work towards their goals on their own, without the need for a trainer to be present. Mirror Installs put no minimum order quantity on their arena mirrors, so there’s nothing to prevent customers installing just one, but they do have some guidelines for the best possible results. One horizontal mirror at the end of the arena allows the rider to assess lateral work and straightness, but of course only show a small area. If you can afford it, three mirrors placed horizontally on the centre line will give you perfect views of leg and body position, as well as lateral work and centre line accuracy. 

All mirrors come with the comprehensive 1-year Mirror Installs guarantee. Take a look at the Mirror Installs Equestrian Range, and drop them a line to discuss your requirements and take advantage of their incredible offers!

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