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Cavalor Equi Wash is a mild shampoo that thoroughly cleans your horse or pony’s coat. The pH neutral shampoo removes dirt and gives a shiny effect while being gentle to the skin with no irritation.

Equi Wash is a highly concentrated and soft (pH 7-7.5) shampoo that has an important cleaning and shining quality. Cavalor Equi Wash is a mixture of anionic tensio-active elements based on alkylarylsulphonates, which are deodorant and vegetal extracts. It contains no acid or solvent. These properties make Cavalor Equi Wash a product devoted to the health and comfort of the animal.


It is infused with Provitamin B5 and glycerine. Provitamin B5 penetrates the hair shaft and helps to improve the moisture content of the coat. Hair that is hydrated appears thicker and more elastic, making it less susceptible to breakage. The glycerine will act as a real coat conditioner giving strength, volume and natural shine to the hair.

To use, wet the horse’s coat to remove any loose hair or dirt. Apply Cavalor Equi Wash directly on the coat, or dilute a small amount in lukewarm water and apply with a sponge for a fresh, clean coat. Wash your horse with Cavalor Equi Wash twice a month or more frequently if required.

Cavalor Equi-Wash is available in two size options, a 500ml bottle priced at around £16.00 and a 2000ml bottle priced at around £33.00.

For further information please contact Zebra Products on +44(0)1352 763350 or visit

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