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Is your horse or pony prone to bacterial infections, such as mud fever and other forms of pastern dermatitis? Give bacteria the boot with the new Equi-Med Ag Antibacterial Pastern Boots.

 These boots offer a revolutionary way of preventing and fighting against bacterial issues. They have been designed to fit closely to the skin around the pastern and up over the fetlock joint. Their antibacterial properties come from the advanced dual action of the activated carbon and silver fabric that is used in all the Equi-Med Ag products.

 The activated carbon draws bacteria out of the infected area into the fabric whilst the silver works to eliminate bacteria, allowing the wounds to heal faster. The boots are ideal to use on knocks, scrapes or cuts to help reduce the risk of infection and any post-exercise swelling.

 Using the Equi-Med boots is hassle-free and eliminates the need for additional topical products and possibly the need for other medication, saving you money. They can be used as part of your everyday stable management routine for horses that are prone to bacterial infections to help maintain a healthy skin.

 Designed for indoor use, the boots can simply be applied to clean legs when the horse is stabled and should allow you to continue turning out during the day as normal. They are designed with a comfortable and breathable design which doesn’t restrict movement.

 The boots can be machine washed as per instructions, making them a very cost effective way of keeping bacterial infections at bay. Any grease or dirt can simply be brushed away with a body brush for day to day cleaning.

 The Equi-Med Ag Pastern Boots start from £59.99 for a pair and are available in sizes small, medium or large.

 In severe cases always consult your veterinary surgeon first.

 For more information on the Equi-Med Ag products visit or call on 0191 5118323 or 0777 5577165.

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