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Fresh Group Products Expands Product Line with Nuveq Hay Steamers and Reinforces Commitment to Customer Support

In a significant development, Fresh Group Products proudly announces its new dealership for Nuveq hay steamers, further diversifying its product offerings while reaffirming its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer support for all clients, including those with existing Haygain steamers and boilers.

Fresh Group Products, a leading provider of agricultural equipment and solutions, has established itself as a reliable source for top-notch hay steamers and related products. The company's dedication to customer satisfaction is evident through its continued provision of parts and repairs for Haygain steamers and boilers.

Whether customers require a state-of-the-art Nuveq hay steamer complete or the advanced Nuveq boiler to fit and work with your existing Haygain chest, or need parts and repairs for their Haygain equipment, Fresh Group Products is positioned to assist. The company's comprehensive support extends from essential components like manifolds and spikes to boiler repairs and servicing.

 Amidst increasing concerns regarding boiler performance during freezing temperatures, Fresh Group Products has taken proactive steps to address customer queries. Recognizing the rising number of calls related to boiler issues on hay steamers, the company has released an informative video guide to help users navigate freezing conditions and optimize their steaming experience and protect their boilers.



For those seeking brand new Nuveq hay steamers, Fresh Group Products assures prompt delivery with next-day availability from stock. Interested customers are encouraged to call the company at 0333 880 6654 for exclusive discounted pricing on Nuveq steamers.

For more information visit the Fresh Group website HERE or our dedicated Hay Steamers page HERE.

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